Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How AMAR's fiery tongue got rid of SALMAN's Anger..

It was a weekend this july, when AMAR encountered one of the most thrilling events of his life. After working hard, the whole week, he finally thought that it's time to party even harder. So he called up his old Pals SID and SKY. The three of them decided to go to this pub called VENOM at Bandra, Mumbai. 

At around 7.30 PM, Sky picked up Amar and reached to the Venom disc, Sid came with her girl friend SHONALI on his new possession, he bought a week ago, The Harley Davidson Iron 883, he just loved it more than himself.

Unlike college days, life was easy for the three of them, they had pretty safe and secured jobs in different MNCs, which earned them handsome salaries. So ignoring the tariffs, they ordered expensive food and liquor and partied hardcore. All they wanted to have an unforgettable party yet again.

Sid and Shonali ran to the dance floor as soon as they reached the place, they looked beautiful while coupling on the dance floor. Every other couple faded in the glamour of this duo. Amar was envious of them, Amar had a perfect life, he had everything close to perfection in his life but a girlfriend was only he never managed to have, it was something Amar must have written on top of his priorities, he just needed a girl and that too, too desperately.

At around 11.45 PM, Sky dropped Amar some blocks away from his house, as Amar wanted to take a little walk before being home to avoid the hangover next morning, also Amar had his way of enjoying the ecstasy of liquor, a bit alone at the end of its effect.

As Amar headed to his place, he saw two tall girls walking on the other side of the road. He decided to go and talk to them and try his luck.

He knew he was too drunk to pour any decency, but still he couldn't resist his desperation, so he didn't stop and went to them.

"Hi girls" he striked a conversation.

"can we talk for a while ?" not quite asking.

"yes... say, do you need something?" said one of them.

"No, not at all, but I want to give you my company for a while"

"I am Amar, may I know your names please" he was literally piling on.

He tried controlling his drunken mannerism, and he did an almost perfect job to it.

"Hello, Amar"

"I am SUNNY and she is my sister VIDA" Sunny did the intros.

Amar couldn't believe his luck, he never thought he could make a girl introduce herself in the middle of the night, that too when he was not even in his complete senses. Respecting his little achievement, he started to change gears.

"can we be friends..?" said Amar.

The girls did avoid being rude to a stranger, so they behaved well then.

"yeah, sure" Vida said .

Amar liked her positive gesture and all of a sudden, he developed an infatuation for Vida. As they walked more, Amar kept putting proposals after proposals. He was in no mood to move his foots away from the accelerator, so he kept blabbering all through. For some reasons, these girls agreed to everything Amar said or proposed.

"lets meet up tomorrow morning then" Amar fixed the date too.

"why not"

"by the way, thats our home, next to this building"

"we must part here"

"bbye" Vida summarized.


"bye, sweetheart" Oh god... Perhaps Amar put on the nitrous button too early.

They rushed towards their apartment, a bit uncomfortably at the end. Amar did not notice it though. The aftereffect of the alcohol was long gone and Amar could only concentrate on, at that moment was Vida, the goddess of his life.

He admired himself more than ever. He sat on a wall near the place Vida and Sunny parted with him and planned about things to do and places to go with Vida while he inhaled a few puffs of his cigarette.

"perhaps, I should have initiated a conversation like this in college or in office"

"never mind, Amar, you did it well" Amar was talking to himself only.

As Amar was shaping his near future with caution, someone patted him on the shoulder.

"yeah..?" as he turned.

"how dare you talk to Vida and Sunny?" a tough pumped up man was standing in front of him, with him 3 other men.

Amar was frustrated at being interrupted, so he burst out on him immediately.

"what are you talking about..huh..? and who the hell are you ?" said the frustrated Amar.


"got it"  Salman said in aggression.

Salman was Vida's all angry, hot-headed brother, even their father couldn't stop him to fight sometimes.

"so what..? I don't know who you are talking about" Amar acted confident.

"I did nothing, okay" he continued.

Amar's confident tone somewhat pulled Salman back from his normal angry self, but still he tried to confront with words.

"Ah.. is that so, why don't we just talk to the girls then" Salman offered.

"I wont go, why would I..?" Amar protested

"if you haven't done anything wrong, why the hell are you resisting to go with me.. huh.." Salman shouted in frustration.

"Lets talk it out man" Amar pretended to be confident and went with him.

While on the 2 minute walk to Vida's home, Amar tried to remain calm and composed, he did well though, when they reached the place, Salman called up Vida.

"Vida" Salman called up from downstairs.

"Vida, just come" Salman Shouted.

Salman sends away his 3 men, as the culprit was now in his farms.

"yes bhaijaan" comes Vida with Sunny.

Seeing her, Amar had a sense of relief, after all Vida and Amar connected quite well hardly 15 minutes ago.

"is he the guy ?" Salman asked.

"yes bhai, he is the one" Vida confirmed within a blink of the eye. Of course, Amar had to  pay the penalty for speeding up like that, his desperation was something that needed to be fixed.

Amar's face went pale, he was dumb struck to Vida's this version, he went into flashback of the last 30 minutes of his life now, every single word he said to Vida and every reaction of her, the parts when he asked her to be friends with him or when he offered to meet her the next morning, he still could not figure out what exactly went wrong, although he never realized that a guy is not supposed to be piling on a girl without permission, and that too when your clock says "its almost midnight, buddy" with all the thoughts processing in his brain, he was continously looking at Salman biceps now. 

"what should I do with you now Amarrrr..." Salman was roaring like a lion.

Amar took a deep breath and continued in his very calm and composed way, he carried right from the time, Salman came to confront him, he settled himself to another act of confidence, and then he started to speak finally.

"Oh... so you are Vida, he is talking about" Amar said looking at his 'ex-presumed girl friend'.

"first of all, these women started the conversation with me" Amar lied straight in their face.

"I was going to my home, when they asked me for a lighter"

"I don't understand why the hell they wanted this lighter." Amar tried playing melo-drama here.

"what" Salman's eyes widened , the girls went in shock.

"Vida.. do you smoke.. sunny..?" Salman furiously enquired.

"No.. Bhai jaan we don't smoke at all, he is a big-time liar." the girls almost cried out loud.

"Aww... how sweet of you, of course he will trust you only, after all you two are the women here" Amar tried to make them look like fools" but I know the truth okay."

"I will not let him buy what you are trying to sell here" Amar announced.

"look... you" Salman tried to threaten Amar. "I know guys like you, I  can see that you are drunk and may be you went out of your mind." Salman spoke. 

"but you messed with the wrong guy, you get that?" Salman said.

"listen brother" Amar said while rounding his arms around Salman's neck. "am I the first person in this area who have been drunk at this time of the clock, no.. right..?" Amar played his cards well.

"you look like a man of style, I am sure, drinking is not a big issue for you" Amar continued.

"why are you relating the alcohol with this matter." Amar finished.

"I am not relating it, I just want you to confess and apologize to start with." Salman started being reasonable now, that got rid of his anger a little bit.

Amar noticed it well, and started to take an upper hand over Salman.

"Listen man... enough now.." Amar shouted. "I live in this place from last 10 years" although he was hardly residing there since 3 months, but he didn't stop "I have more contacts than you. People know me well enough to take my side on this stupid issue."

"Are you threatening me..hmm.." Salman asked with his eyes sharpened.

"No, I am not threatening" Amar calms himself down seeing Salman's anger building again.

"I tell you one thing......" Started Amar.

Amar was looking for some good cheesy lines to get out of this ugly situation, and then he saw a large banner of a political campaign by SANJU BABA, a good powerful figure of the area, rather known for his Bhai-giri, he was once an MLA of the area, Amar and Salman have their houses in. Aware of this fact, Amar tries this ACE of the pack right then at the right moment.

"I want to let you know, that I know Sanju baba, very well" Amar tries to threaten now.

"and he knows what kind of guy I am, so you better watch out whom you are talking with." Amar said in style.

"really.. how the hell do you know Sanju Baba" asked Salman rather amazed to know Baba talks to guys like him too, but still he was out of aggression now.

"that is another thing, but he is a dear friend of me." Amar lied straight away.

"listen brother.. you don't have to tell about this little endeavor of us to Sanju Baba, he is a good friend of mine too and I don't wanna make his friends, my enemy." Salman was melting now like anything.

"Hmm... I am not going to discuss it anywhere and I won't tell him either, but you can't just  shout on decent people over here, just like that without even cross checking the situation twice and if needed, more times than that. By the way, if you are Sanju's friend, you are virtually my friend, so tell me if you need any favor". Amar turned the situation a full 360 degrees in his favors now.

Although he was nervous enough hearing about the friendship between Salman and Sanju, but he couldn't let it show up on his face anyways,  he prayed to god that by any means, the man in the banner must not know about it that he used his name like this, but still he continued.

"and as for your sisters, I would only say, they have now a big brother called Amar." oh my god, Amar tried to talk like Sanju now.

meanwhile, the girls could only listen to what Amar had in store for them, since he made them quiet in the very initial stages of the debate by dragging them to this smoking thing. Salman was still unsure of the fact if their sisters smoke or not, so they had no other choice rather than being silent and listen to the men talking.

"great" Salman said. "lets shake hands here and never misunderstand each other again." Salman handshaked.

"Sure, I think they are not the woman I talked with by the way, perhaps there is a great confusion all along. they don't look like smokers anyway" Amar said.

"yes... yes... yes.. yes..." the girls had only this much to say.

By saying this, Amar avoided the virtual smoke-test on the girls and perhaps its consequences on him later. The girls were at least relaxed now, although they did not succeed to get rid of Amar, Amar took them out of this ugly situation.

"are you sure" Salman asked cautiously.

"yepp" replied Amar.

"phew...thats good then" Salman was happy now.

"okay, I must go now" 

" I have more important things to do in life any ways" Amar taunted and walked away in style. He did walk fast though, avoiding any other question by Salman.

In about 2-3 minutes, Amar was out of sight. As Amar reached his home, it was already 1.15 AM, he called up Sid and Sky and did a conference call with them. the guys laughed like hell. They were extra impressed by Amar, considering he pulled himself out of a rather too deep 'shitty' situation.

and that is how Amar's FIERY TONGUE helped him come out of this ugly situation.


  1. Hmm,
    Thats actually funny especially amar blaming girls, and then offering to be their brother.
    The overall story is good bar few grammatical errors.
    You have a good vocabulary but there are some misplaced words.
    All in all a funny read.

    1. Thanks Ratika....

      Actually you are right... I wrote it a few years back and I didn't notice that this post is actually a mediocre piece of work



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