Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A letter to the "Stupid Common Man"

The "Stupid Common Man"

Its high time now and I just need to voice my opinion on this whole Anna Hazare vs Govt. issue. 

I believe in Anna Hazare. Anna has no sinister intentions behind his movement but we just can't humiliate the government in the way they are being humiliated all over the place and Internet.

Every morning I log in to my facebook account and see dozens of morphed pictures that includes Mr. Manmohan Singh, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Kapil Sibbal and in almost all of these photos they are depicted to be spreading corruption and selling the nation, I personally get miffed to see those pictures.

 There used to be times when we had an opinion on our favorite politicians and how we liked Rahul Gandhi's movement for the farmers in UP, but I don't think we hardly have any favorites now, they have been labelled as corrupt, but its not necessary that they really are, as much as they are being criticized.

We must remember the e-mail chains that forward manmohan Singh's degree all over the internet, and bragging about our country's highly qualified PM, but post-anna there had been a character assassination of these political leaders. Why don't we understand that Anna's Movement is against corruption and not against this social figures whom the common junta is targeting.

I would like to appeal to each one of us, if you really want to do something good for your nation, act upon little details of corruption and do not show disrespect for these political leaders. We are matured enough to understand that there is surely a need for an anti corruption movement but perhaps some people needs more maturity to know what to resolve rather than whom to target. 

I support Anna, I respect Anna, I would love to wear the 'topi' that says "I am Anna"
but I am only against corruption and no one else in particular. 

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Indian Army: a Dream or a Fantasy.

It happened to me less than a month ago.. My college, took us to MHOW [abbreviated as Military Headquarters of War] a cantonment near Indore to introduce and to let us know the basics of Indian Army and to see how these respectable army men actually spend their lives.

We woke up at 5 in the morning, and took the bus from one common pick up point at around 0600 hrs.

With our best set of shoes and a comfortable outfit, everyone of us [we were nearly 300 in numbers] went prepared well enough to spend a day with the militants and practice if given a chance.

The 1st session was awesome. We sat uphill and saw a dozen or two of tanks and missiles running all around and a demonstrator was indicating everything, that was going on, on a map and a simultaneous commentary was going on as well.

We enjoyed every second of it, and even made notes.

I envied the soldiers who was running those tanks and had the privilege of shooting the missiles.

I cursed my life and luck, but came to my senses after a minute or two.

We were happy to be at least being photographed with those "Larger-than-life" machines.

We were not allowed to take photographs but later they only asked us to keep the pictures away from Social Networking sites, Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

The 2nd session was the best, for the first time in my life, I saw a missile being fired with my naked eyes, the sound it made was a smashing roar or what we call a blasting experience of your ears.

I tell you a fact, those missile went upto 1.5 kms without even shaping itself in a curve. Once it take a projectile motion, you can imagine the rest.

Then we had tank ride, on top of the tanks we sat and roamed for half an hour around the base,  it was a great experience.

There happened the Mood Swing.

I was tired by then in the scorching sunlight.

I wanted to go home and sleep by now.

They took us to another session to show some canon shot.

Honestly Speaking, I did not want to sit there for even a second. I asked myself, can I be an army man, and I answered me as well, "no way". I am just not an army material.

And now the thought I gave to it.

I mean, I love my country. I really do. I can help it by doing good for the society, but till that day, I wanted to be a soldier somewhere deep inside my heart.

But I found it more as a job, and not as a service to the nation, rather I help the poor everyday on the streets by providing food, cloth and shelter to them.

I came to this conclusion, almost 80% of us, civilians, talk of going to army or envy their life. Realize if its really a dream or just an infatuation or fantasy. Most of us don't really deserve that 'sacred' place, talking is the shittiest thing we do all the time, but doing is what it really takes. 

I did all the big-mouthed-ness too till the day when I spent some 10 hours with them, and now I admit, it was only a fantasy for me. I don't want to be a soldier anymore and above all, honestly I can't and I don't deserve it.

I am not hating myself today, not loving either.

-Amrit Rukhaiyaar

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Indi Blogger Meet: A lifetime Experience

   Yesterday, It was a Sunday of course, but mind you it was not an ordinary one. I have been postponing my plans to attend a INDI BLOGGER MEET since last 3 months but finally I attended this one held at The Park Hotel, Connaught place and I realized instantly what an amazing event I had been missing since months as soon as I entered the Auditorium.

I took a seat in one of the middle rows, when a blogger on radio activity introduced himself to me as Alokesh Gupta and took a seat beside me, I had some interesting chats with him on blogging and writing. Then came a blogger called Purba Ray who made everyone at ease by knowing a bit about their blogs.

It was all chit-chat going on when the 1st segment of the meet took place. The Country Head of HP himself gave a presentation on "Original vs Fake". It was primarily focused on the new range of HP Printers, but the presentation gave a contrast on original blog post written. Good work there by Team HP.

Segment 2 : The Who's Who Round..? Our names were being outcast on the projection and we needed to define our blog and us as well in 29 seconds as the segment it self is called "29 seconds to fame".  I witnessed some great [or say interesting] bloggers out there, I would like to recall a few: there was this Karan Lugani who called himself a scientist, he goes to some school but I respect his way, he surely had a point in whatever he said.

An Old man in his late 60s was there, he told us that he has been a classmate to Amitabh Bachchan, so in a way I have an association with Mr. Big B now... lolzz.

there were some sensible ones as well, a girl called Jyotsna Verma talked about transplant of kidney and liver and people did like her unanimously and took her pretty seriously. In case you need to know more about her endeavours just Click Here.

so, from engineers to home makers to scientists to some wanna be Rushdie(s) I saw and heard everyone. 

after the Intro session was done, we were to make teams 0f 20 for a treasure hunt game, we lost it, because we fall short of smart phones. fair enough. thats you cal count as segment 3.

we had a little bit of lunch and coffee afterwards, during the lunch I interacted with more wonderful bloggers, Perfectly Imperfect and Tejaswi, they were all so inspirational, well...the food was good though.

the 2nd last segment was the best, we carried a 'board of praise' on our back, and others, if they like to, can autograph the board with some message, messages could be anything, a praise or an abuse or anything particular you want to say, I got a few interesting ones as well. [see the picture on the right..!!].

We had a fun last segment, thanks to some great names : Kapil Sibbal, Digvijay Singh, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and others including Suhel Seth, the bloggers did role play for each one of the mentioned name, being inteviewed by Prateek Shah, who himself was role playing for Rajdeep Dutt Goswami.

After I have returned from my first IndiBlogger Meet, I have become blog-struck and reading as many blogs as possible, I have bookmarked some 20 blogs and its like birthday gifts for me, as I am not sure which one to open first.!!!

was a great experience, am not going to miss any of it in future...


-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

[Plzz.. go through the links... they are all great bloggers...]

That is me in the grey jacket..!!

and that's the whole team, find me if you can, I am at the worst location in this picture.

Monday, October 31, 2011

My Novel's First Chapter: need reviews

Since birth, there had been a famous saying about me, “he is different,”

May be it meant “I don’t care”.

Some said I was extraordinarily different, I also believed the same,

Understand how..!!

I used to stammer at everything that came out of my mouth, I just couldn’t speak fluently which was the first evidential note on being different.

I never ever cared to do my home work given by my teachers, while others did those thrice in one go.

I was careless or carefree or ignorant to important things in life, everyone else in the universe around me seemed to be so punctual.
 I had the privilege of being rich among kids, when with kids rich only means to having a handsome pocket money; perhaps it was one of the sections I liked the most on debate of being different.

 I was a facilitated child, born with silver spoon which made an earlier conclusion that I was a spoiled kid, the rest of the kids during my childhood were reasonably ‘good to parents’ child.

Basically I am an awful version of a good character. The Simpler term would obviously be an anti-social facet.

I am a protagonist in an acute form of Antagonism, and that’s what I am.

My name is Aditya Ahuja and that wild introduction was mine, but I tell you what, a bad review doesn’t mean a bad film, it is only a point of view, and everyone has their own POV. Although by default I should have inherited the family business of Textiles and join the legacy of millionaires in Indore, I chose engineering, not because there lays an engineer inside me but because I wanted to try my hands at something which was not established by my family because I have this obsession of making my own silver spoon.

There are two things in my life that would have no influence of anything while making the selection, the Career I choose and the Girl I fall in love with.

Talking about Engineering, I took admission in a college called Delhi College of Engineering in Delhi, because I always have loved Delhi, Delhi is old, beautiful and glamorous, but above all, I love it because of its Dilli-ness, I have fallen for its localness and secularism for everyone, I mean the Telugus rules Andhra, Tamilians rides on Tamil Nadu, Bengali and Marathi has rights to do about anything in West Bengal and Maharashtra respectively, but Delhi, Delhi is yours, establish yourself and be a king and rule with many others like you peacefully, this city is only for the successful and not for the people who took birth in this soil. In one sentence, Delhi is so India. I love it here. While choosing to fill the engineering entrance exam forms, I took extra care that my college city must be Delhi.

So, it was the day my DCE results were to come; I went to a cyber cafe nearby because Homes can be too dangerous while checking your academic performances with your elder family mates being around you.

As I entered the enrollment number, there was deep silence in my PC cabin. It took 4 seconds to open the result.

There was not much detail provided in the result web page, it took me 2 seconds to eye a bold written THROUGH, which means selected.

“Oh yes… Oh yes yes yes… hurray…” I cried in excitement.
Everyone else gave me furious looks for being so noisy in that cozy room.

Of course they would, who cares where I am going to spend my next four years.

Anyways, I left the café ignoring all the geeks.

So what do you say guys... does it look promising.. plzz give honest comments, I am almost done with my book..!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who ultimately turns out to be a HERO..?

Since birth, a fascinating thing in my life is being a HERO, not particularly a superstar in Bollywood or in any other film industry, but being the stud, being the one who would have the helping hands, if we talk in an affirmative way. As I grew older, my definition for a HERO kept changing through time. During the first half of the  90's I only believed that HERO is actually a leading bicycle brand in India but later on during the second half  I found out that its the men who get opportunities to save beautiful women from the goons and have great time dancing in rain with them are the real HEROES, that was how I messed up with important words during my chilhood. During the first 5 years of the 3rd millennium when I was in the interval of 12-16 years of my age, I started watching a bit of news channels and I came across the names of leading industrialist, politicians, millionaires, philanthropists and Movie stars with asking rates in some Crore(s) per movie, my concept for a HERO took a completely different shape, I considered this theory with the formula RICHER = BETTER HERO, that was too kiddish..ain't it..? then after 2006, I came across books, books as in novels, stories, biographies etc which showed me the more artistic form of printed paper, before that the most serious thing I ever read ended either on calculus, mechanics or organic chemistry. Anyways I started reading novels and other great books by great people and I never stopped, I found HEROES in those authors who made me fall in love with their books, I aimed to be like them, or rather say I aimed to be them, one of them. I found wisdom in their thoughts and I wanted to think like my favorite authors, their clarity, I wanted to have that clarity, I read more, I started writing, writing for me, writing for others, writing to impress, writing to insult, writing to romance, writing to revolutionize, writing became an obssession for me and I saw myself become a better writer with every new project. And now the little secret I wanna share with whatever readers I have, I BECAME MY HERO, before anyone else, I admire me. Because in a way my writing started to impress me as I tried to write always better than my previous attempt and you can only be a better doer, if the ultimate source of doing id you, yourself and the conclusion I made out of it, its not what you are, how much you earn or how well you present yourself, you can only consider someone a Hero, if 'his' acts become 'your' passion. 

(No matter what, even an antagonist can become your life's biggest Hero... 
and yes... its not my egomaniac personality...I have my heroes intact in my mind, but I don't wanna share them now, I will write separate post for them later...)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Google Earth Timeline: Its the Best..!!

It happened a week ago.. I was sitting idle and bored. So I decided to waste my time on Google Earth, the first place that came to my mind was to see how the "lost" World Trade Center spot looked at Manhattan, it was interesting to see how Americans have used that place rather than trying to build it all over again, I admired that. Now that I was done with checking on the WTC, I curiously started pressing random buttons on the top of Google Earth interface, just then, I came across this option called TIMELINE, as I found out more about that, I was more than amazed to find out that you can actually see the satellite images of any place of any past dates available on the timeline, I watched the New York of 1930s to the ashes of WTC in 2011, in the meanwhile watching the 9/11 Terror-ed images as well... I should rather post the pictures for you guys, its amazingly awesome.

1. The picture of World Trade Center in 1994, it was only dollars and pound then.

2. The WTC in 1997, still doing pretty good business round the globe.

3. Satellite images of September 2001 of The World Trade Center, it is no more on the screen, we can see the smoke that tells the whole story.

4. as in 2005...the post 9/11 image of the spot without the trade center.

5.  The World trade Center Spot as in 2011, made up as a some kind of memorial.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

That's my Month

Hopelessly excited for entering October, a particular month of the year to which I can relate myself, there are reasons of course, first of all, its a set of Birthdays in my family in October only. while Di has her birthday on the 10th, Papa and I share our birthday on 11th of this month, so you can see there is 3 birthdays in 2 days, then again its an important month in case you really await Hindu festivals, you can expect Durga Puja and Deepawali both fall on the same month. Its a beautiful span to spend quality time with friends and family. Now that was all the personal favorites.

you know what, October month have the best temperature to play outdoor games.  and there remains no sign of any kind of rain nor there starts winter.

I love October... I just love it..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Loving the word "I..." is not being EGOIST..sometimes.

 I am not afraid… I was never… never ever…

My life is a complete shit… but I am not… I am made up with some traits that will never allow me to lose… However bad the situation goes, I will do something productive of this one life I have been blessed with, I am quite similar to that seagull called "Jonathan Livingston" who is like all of his kind is born for only one agenda and that’s to make a living on food, but he want to learn the art of flying because that is what he is blessed with when he came in this world.
I want to write, about things, about people, about every thought that a human being can reach to, I wanna be the first to write it out and let everyone else see it through my belief, I want to be a belief of others, I want to be pure, I want to do what I was blessed with, I want to write, I want to become a writer, I am a feeler, often I feel the most emotional strings attached in the most craziest of jokes, why is that happens with me… know why..? It is because I am born to illustrate, and I will do it in the “writing” way…
Most of my life I have wasted thinking what’s my real talent… what I am good at, and after being so late in life, compared to my folks who grown up with me, I realized, I am only and only born to write. I was never a misanthrope, I love people they are the only source of what I write, I will never let them go out of my sight.
I am not afraid to believe that writing will be able to give me a living. I am not, not at all.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Preparation Begins to being an Engineer: My Counseling

      In the last week of august 2008, Mummy, Papa and I left for Delhi and after spending 10-15 days there, I alone left for Indore on 5th of September, Rahul and I took a room at a rent of Rs.2600 and shifted the same day, so I decided even before the counseling that I am going to spend my next 4 years in this city. It was totally a different thing for me; I never lived in a house where the owner was not my Dad. I waited for the counseling date patiently, On the 10th of September my parents also joined me in Indore, I felt better, I was feeling alone in this city, Indore not at all resembled my hometown or the state I was born in, you can’t say that with Delhi, you can start loving Delhi at once with all the glamour around you, but Indore is a different deal, Indore had its own ways.
      Finally the Day came; we went to the SGSITS campus, my parents, Rahul & I. I was called for a day schedule but the whole process with each and every student’s counseling formalities was too lengthy and too slow, so because of that the pre-scheduled ‘Daytime’ counseling happened at 9.30 pm, My Dad & I sat at the counseling hall, the operator led me to the computer screen and asked me the choice of college and department I wanted, I went for an IT branch in a college called PCST. Abb. Patel College of Science & Technology, located near the famous lover’s point “Ralamandal”. Anyways in this way, “my fate had been sealed” and I took admission in the next two days that followed.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lets have 'em One on One

I was watching this movie called "Million Dollar Baby" starring Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and Hillary Swank, it is one of those rare inspirational flicks you can watch just many a times.

All of a sudden, I came across the idea of doing a One-on-One comparison of Actors from Hollywood and the Hindi film industry.

After many disagreements in my head, I have thought of the following actors, who are similar in their style of acting and the roles they get to play and by simply because of some similar facts.

1. Clint Eastwood vs Feroze Khan, although Eastwood is a much bigger name in his fraternity, but these two actors have kind of a similar body language and attitude, don't forget Feroze Khan was our only cowboy hunk.

2. Morgan Freeman vs Naseeruddin Shah, great actors and legends both of them, but what is common link is their intense role play, they can do comedy to romance to sci-fi and thriller with unbeatable class acting.

3. Hillary Swank vs Priyanka Chopra, fits in every character they play, they are fast, athletic, sweet and can switch between being a girl and being a woman.

4. Bradley Cooper vs Hrithik Roshan, I don't have proper words to explain this one, but their personalities and expressions are almost identical.

5.Jason Statham vs Salman Khan, If there is a cop or any 'over smart' character to be played, there are no better name than Jason or Sallu. They fight, they dance, they romance and they beat the shit out of any goon in the town, and they never panic.

6. Tom Cruise vs Akshay Kumar, if there is a need to remake Mission Impossible in India, there is no second choice than this Khiladi called Akshay Kumar, both of them are real stunt men, need not to say anymore.

7. Tom Hanks vs Aamir Khan, If Tom Hanks is perhaps the finest actor in hollywood, we have Aamir Khan on the counter-part, perfectionist, intense and master of their skills.

8. Drew Barrymore vs Kareena Kapoor, they are beautiful, graceful, great actors and have a long line of predecessors in their families, their families are into cinema for more than 75 years now.

9. Russell Crowe vs Ajay Devgn, blessed with great acting the two of them, dives deep into the character, and delivers something extra ordinary, just take 'a beautiful mind' and 'once upon a time in mumbaai' for an example.

PLEASE do Comment... and tell me your agreement and disagreement on each one of them...



Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Day With Bollywood

I am with my family in delhi this week... and I am loving the idiot called TV, as it was a saturday today...it kept showing superhit masala bollywood films and great cinemas from Hollywood, in every possible channel, 

When I woke up, I started with KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM, SRK was doing the as usual overacting stuff.
the film was so sweet... I felt like a diabetic in 2 hours.

then it came to an end finally... simultaneously I channel-ed through MAINE PYAR KIYAPYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA and MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI as well, but I lost touch with MSK after a few breaks.

upnext K3G, enters SHIVAJI THE BOSS, I rescued myself from rajnikanth as fast as I can.

just 10 mins after I escaped SHIVAJI, I noticed MPK have finished, and now its one of the most talked about brothers showing up on television in and as KARAN ARJUN, its one of those movies, I lived for, at the time of its release,

now I can only make out one remark for KARAN ARJUN, YucKK... how could I love this movie, its like one of those Mithun chakravorthy movie which contains no sense at all, except for non-sense.

PYAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA is one of my favorite hindi movies, hindi film industry should make movies like this more often, its a sweet, simple college love story with a hint of action and family drama, but has good actings by everyone.

Just when I thought its all over, SRK came back again with DIL TO PAGAL HAI, how could I miss it, its not that bad, so I watched it too.

meanwhile I channel-ed through MEN IN BLACK PART 1 a few times, but my mother just not led me change the channel much so I sticked to the Sweetness of Yashraj Films.

Oh My God...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Movie GeeK: Join Us..!!

Do you watch movies, well everyone does but have you ever gave a thought that why not watch only good movies,  after all, movies in some way give a shadow of your character, the kind of movie you watch gives away a life-lasting impression on others and makes a class of yours in intellectual society, aint it..?

Here is the link of Joining the Ultimate Discussion of GOOD MOVIES...

Just CLICK HERE and Join the revolution... Discover the Geek in you...


Have you guys watched this movie called LIMITLESS, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro which released in March, 2011. Its a story of a writer who discovers a drug that can break the human limit of using only 20% of its brain at one moment of time and he can eventually use 100% of the brain anytime during the reaction time of the NZT drug. Later in the movie when he finds out that every one who took that pill is either sick or dead, including his ex-wife Melissa, he didn't quit having the drug, instead he discovers a pattern following which he can sustain the side effects of NZT, as time passed he excelled in every field, or in other words, He knew everything about everything, when the antagonist  of the film, played by De niro finds about this secret, he tries to threaten him at the last scene, but until now, Edward[Cooper] have taken this thing to a up-next level, where he developed his IQ of a 4-digit number.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nights: So special for us

Well, its 2 AM, I don't usually sleep at this time, its like start of the night for me. I am at home in Delhi these days and quite strangely, I am missing my neighborhood in Indore right now, Akhilesh and his roomies. Because at this something time, UT [my roommate]and I just sneak into their flat and check out whats going on in the next door to us, and to check if we can have some movie  or a few episodes of VD or Dexter from their Database, nights are endless for we mates who live away from Home, I love this hostel life for more than many reasons. Tomorrow I have my train to Indore, will miss Mummy, and being frank, missing my folks more, so looking forward to leave Delhi. Endless LifeSize problems to resolve in Indore, I should not mention it here, call me if you  bother, but no worries., my men [friends] will take care of everything. Am I writing like a drunk? actually I can sense that as I am writing too flawlessly that includes a few craps and creeps... [I will need the same while doing my part on NaNoWRiMo] huh...so, I should end it now, coz the "Eminem" in me is taking a proper shape, and I dont want to end it on a dirty note....

Good nite Readers,
I live for you only,

Amrit Rukhaiyaar

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sequels... Tempting me...!!! haunting me...!!!

Hello... back again....

well, the date goes 5th june and we are too busy with ourselves, the work-men works, students are too busy to mug on the books, 

but I could only think about the chaotic plan of mine to cover 4 to 5 movies,  I was aiming since a long time, there are a whole lot of sequels that have released in the couple of weeks that passed and this current week and in the weeks to come. I was destined to be in Delhi at this date, so I can only wait to reach out to my place, Indore.

The list goes like this: 
1. The Hangover part II
2. X-Men: First Class
3. Kung-Fu Panda 2
4. Ready [cant afford to miss it...lolzz..]

On my future projects....[projects...?? wow... looks classy...] I have Harry Potter's last edition, and Cars 2, both are quite a hot stuff, due to many unavoidable circumstances, I had to miss out on Scream 4, now I am planning on these... but am in a catch-22 situation, if I cover up these, my studies are going to be on toll, and if I study, I wont be able give a date to my "these favorites" in the multiplex.

being very harsh on me...[sobbing..sobbing.. ;)]. . . . . I would  rely on downloading it and watching them all together after some 30 days, that is when I am done with my tests...

On a whole, I have become a movie-buff... and its very interesting to be like one...hahaha...

Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Became The Reason To Live.

In this Post, I would like to share the one and only battle I have won in my life.
I was in 9th standard, I never was a good “English-Man”…

I scored 30 out of 100 in my English paper in the first terminal examinations, I never felt as ashamed as I felt on that particular day, because I am not supposed to be a failure in English, I always went to English medium CBSE school, how could I do that with my English grades… I felt I led down my family, my father used to be an avid reader of law books written in English and owned a large vocabulary, my siblings used to be too good in English, and at that moment I didn’t even use grammar properly.

I went to my English teacher, Mr. AK Mitra, and I told him all my feelings and asked him if he can teach me good enough to redeem my pride, he tried to test my passion by saying if I could be available at 4 in the morning every day, I agreed taking a few seconds to answer, then he insisted on 5 AM seeing my commitment.

I went to him for 7 months, every day at exactly 5 AM, I missed that tuition class never ever, I never know till date that where did I get that sincerity for English that I never preferred to skip my tuitions for the sake of a good sleep, he started it from the very basics, I was amazed to know that every verb, has five of its form, V1 to V5… he taught me Tenses, where to use ‘has been’ and ‘had been’ and the exceptions of English Grammar, I was in love with it, English is a true essence, I realized afterward. 

I became good to smart to brilliant in that subject, and the marks went up to 57 and and then up to 82 in the finals, he had been a real mentor in my life, I started reading novels, I read a lot of ‘em. I knew how to use the correct word at the correct places, it made me make wonders everywhere I go. I was a hero in my own world, where I was my only fan, and yes secretly, I admired myself a lot...

I preferred reading English even when my other subject was going to be tested in the next 12 hours, I loved it, I started to write journal, my personal diary, I never used a penny Hindi in it, because as far as I was going in this passionate romanticized love of English, I was developing a turn-off with Hindi.

I just wanted to be a leader in English, who know nothing about any subject in this world, apart from the love of his life, that’s English. Now I have read fiction, non-fiction, romance, action, crime and every genre that the classical mentors of mine created. I became friends with Erich segal to Mario Puzo, from Grisham to Sheldon, even I read Chetan Bhagat too, I love Jeffrey Archer and Ayn rand and my next target is William Shakespeare’s lot…OMG... lolzz… I started blogging, when I was sure that I would be able to impress my readers. I just want to make a statement out of it, make something, your reason to live, because where there passion lies, “impossible is nothing”.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Politics with Sports never mix

I do not understand the weirdness of the Pakistani Cricket Board, Al most after every big tournament, they try to be harsh on their players for no reason, most of Pak's key player retire after the end of the 2003 world cup, notably Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Saeed Anwar and a few more. It was only Inzamam ul haq who was left unharmed, and he was supposed to flourish the new team, he did it quite well, but after 2007 world cup, PCB gave the same treatment to Inzy as well, this time they  approached Shahid Afridi to the repair job, he was doing it superbly, the team he led beaten South africa and England, and New zealand on their soil, He helped Pak reach the Semis of the latest world cup, scalping 21 wickets, but PCB did it again, grabbing the captaincy from Afridi and dismissed a few players. I respect Afridi's decision to quit from International Cricket and will only play if the board changes.

Politics plus Sports is a bad combination...

Monday, May 23, 2011

taking the guard...

Aggression and spunk is what it takes to transition a mediocre team to a champion one... back in 2008, Mumbai Indians were as ordinary as anything, they evolved in 2010, being the favorites of almost every cricketing soul and now they are living their legacy of a superpower in IPL, after beating Kolkata Knight Riders out of nowhere, they had made a statement that actually its the self-belief which should be the ultimate goal of any sportsman. James franklin, being quite a mediocre batsman led his team to victory is simply the best example of "grabbing the initiative", its not one player that helps a side become like this, its the responsibility that must be sensed, even for a pure bowler like harbhajan, who needed to bat at that particular situation of the match and he did not disappoint, Ambati Rayudu did his cameo of the six ball in style ruining every chances of a "red Chilli" victory... 

hats off Mumbai Indian...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

***Like Daddy......Like Son***

It was a thursday I believe, we were in the max hospital at saket, Delhi to take care of mummy, just changing shifts, when papa stayed with mom, I used to stay back at home, and when I stayed, papa remained at home, it was this thursday, when a series of star-struck-ed events took place,

1. I had my article published on Mail Today.

2. Papa met Dr. IK Gujral [ex-PM of India] at the hospital lobby and talked with him for 10 mins.

3. Ravi Shastri replied me on one of my tweets...

4. Sanjay Manjhrekar started following my Twitter profile*

5. four isnt sufficient....??? huh....

Like i said, Like daddy, like son...

{* although he unfollwed in the next 3 hours...lol}

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar: Perseverance Personified: Part 1

In 1989, when a 16 years old thin guy became a part of the Indian Cricket Team, no one would have thought that there is another 22 years to his career. 22 years of perseverance, immense class, zeal to add every new shot in his bag pack and commitment for every form of the game. The World knows him as the little master, we Indian prefer it to say, GOD, needless to say, it’s on the legacy of the cricketing god, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. When Kapil Dev & Co lifted the world cup in 1983, the Mumbaikar was a 10 years old kid batting 6 hours a day all through, meanwhile, dreaming of lifting the same trophy one day.
 Sachin Tendulkar made his point very early that he wants to become a cricketer, when he added up 665 runs with Vinod Kambli as a partnership in an inter school match. That was noticed, by many, some of them were people who mattered in the “Cricket Industry”, notably Sunil Gavaskar, so Sachin got his chance to convince the selectors that he is a born cricketer, and he succeeded well, hampering every bowler’s career in the Ranji matches.
It was kind of easy for him to made it to the playing 11 of the Indian Team, but he had it really tough, once he was in, he had to face Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Imran Khan and  Abdul Quadir all of them in one go. He failed miserably, got out on duck twice and broke his nose on a nasty Waqar’s delivery, he never lose hope, never ever.
 In 1992, when he played his first world cup, he thought of living his dream of lifting the world cup, but he could not help with all of his underused skills, in a team of old lads, denying to leave the game of cricket, India were thrown out of the tournament like an associates team. In one of those games, he made a handsome half century against Pakistan, thus showing the substance he is made up of and helped India won that match against the arch-rivals.
As a matter of fact in sports, a player’s career depends a lot on how much his captain believes in him, to be more precise, the players who take a little more extra bit of time to show his metal. For Tendulkar, it was Mohammed Azharuddin, who decided to send this no.6 batsman on the opening slot, and that was the silence breaker for Sachin, he blistered everyone with his 40 ball 82 in only his first innings as an opener.
If one starts recounting the aura of Tendulkar, 1996 world cup was the origin of it, with a team that has a few part time performers, an out of form captain and 4 debutants in the squad, it was almost impossible for us to even qualify to the quarters of the tournament, but tendulkar single handedly fought all odds and India reached the semis of that world cup, he  scored a couple of century that totals to his tally of 523 runs, India lost to Srilanka in the semis finally, another world cup journey ends up and the dream was still unfulfilled.
In summer 1996, the Indian team discovered two players who played shoulder to shoulder with Tendulkar, We know him as Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid, It was the search of the players that took the pressure off Tendulkar and Sachin’s game flourished even more beautifully in the process.
Now when we had 3 match winners, India depended not only on our hero but on Ganguly and Dravid also in the  next world cup in 1999 on the English soil, India started with a lose to South Africa and they even lost to Zimbabwe in their next game, Sachin didn’t play that game as his father died a couple of days before the proceedings of the Zimbabwean tie, it was a fact by then, that not only a player Sachin Tendulkar is for India, he is an atmosphere in the team, that inspires others to do well in their career. He returned to England in the next one dayer against Kenya and scored a solid 140 with no smile on his face, each and every run he made was like a tribute to his dad’s soul. We loved him for that, for the character he had shown as a cricketer, sportsman spirit was at its spiritual best on that English morning, Although he was always a great cricketer, most of us will agree to this that he made places in millions of hearts as an almighty from then only.

The World Cup: An Indian Edition: part 3

I would apologize I had been a lazy blogger in the recent past, I wanted to write a lot on the world cup... but I just could not make it, my friend Anshul  Agrawal complains a lot.. that I take a lot of time to write the "to be continued" post... at least he reads my blog in that process... very thank you for that...

as a matter of fact, India are the world champions of ODI cricket officially, and everyone have followed it as I have done, so I am gonna put some unseen photographs of the CWC final between India and Srilanka


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