Monday, March 26, 2012

Agent Vinod: Movie review

Okay, the first thing you will think of this movie is… “Have I seen this film before? Yes, my friend, you have, but not once or twice, you must have seen a dozen films like this before, Saif Ali Khan in and as Agent Vinod is a RAW agent trying to act like some of the later James Bonds. The shoot of the film is done in multiple locations; some of them were Afghanistan, Russia, Morocco, Somalia and India. Like any other Indian film, the female lead, Kareena Kapoor, playing the role of Iram Parveen Bilal is on the same sides with the protagonist himself. 

 Some of you may hit the ‘like’ button for Agent Vinod if you like reading books by Sidney Sheldon but don’t expect any brilliant twist in the movie as Sidney Sheldon delivers in his book. Director Sriram Raghavan tries to give an unexpected ending to the film, but it was too late for any new surprises. Everything in this flick was just too predictable. Even the songs were below average, you can’t praise it for that. On the other hand, the background score in this movie was really interesting; they played random music at any given scene, which was only the thing that clicked right for Agent Vinod. Also this film could have been more stylish, like Don-2 was. Summarizing everything, I would give it a 4 out of 10. Don’t waste your money on this one, instead wait for a DVD copy on the torrent.
IMDB Rating:  5.2/10
My rating:           4/10

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Screw-ed Journey


Ever since I came to Indore, I spend more time in the railways than ever. In these 3 years 4 months, I went back home and Delhi a lot, for different reasons or for official ones. Talking of the journeys to home and back, I had to spend 32 hours in train, (yeah, I can't afford flight tickets, being an unsettled man, my dad can, but I can't ask for more luxury) anyways, 32 hours it is, on either sides of the journey, so that makes a total of 64 hours of exhaustion. But I didn't mind either I watched movies, played NFS most wanted, wrote some journal or posts or just talk to the phone (of course there happens to be someone on the other side), so deducing those material time passes, I didn't feel boring, because at any given time, I could do anyone of the things I mentioned above. 

But today, today is just a bad day for me, I am in train, writing this blog post, but I am not in a mood to write anything right now. It's a 3 tier compartment, with no charging points working properly. My laptop's battery backup is no more than 3 minutes, it depends only on the power provided at the place it is being used. I call it a "non-portable laptop", its a desktop with facility that you can keep it on your lap. Since the laptop is gone, I couldn't watch movies, so that stops me to cut short some hours of boredom on this journey. 

ADVICE Don't mess with your laptop's battery much, keep it alive and healthy or one day, it will make you pay for your irresponsible use of it and you will look like an idiot. Imagine carrying a heavy 15 inch machine on your back, which you can't use without power supply but still you can't throw it, and that's how you looked idiot.

Anyways, that was it, may be I could use the "phone-a friend" lifeline and have some interesting chats, perhaps some gossiping will do. "But wait dude, you haven't charged you cell phone, before leaving home, you said good bye to mom and dad, while you were in the car, you were listening to eminem on your phone's music player". So the matter of fact is I messed my cell phone's battery as well. may be I believed that Indian Railways has the best electricity supply in the world, so I didn't care yesterday to take care of the batteries I had. I thought I'd charge my phone in the train, but that did not happen.

ADVICE Whenever you leave home, get your batteries charged and working, do not trust Indian railways to do that for you, do that at your home only, you pay the electricity at your home, it will never ever betray you. Trust me on that.

After the two main killers of time is gone, I felt like a wounded soldier, who has been hurt in his both arms, but still he can't run away from the war, I need to make time run faster, I thought like a child. 

I thought of reading something. Well let me tell you, reading is something, I consider most interesting, but my head always resist me to do it on journeys, I start having headaches while reading on moving bodies (cars, trains etc). Still I went to do the same, I had the latest issue of filmfare magazine in my bag, I took it out of my bag. As soon  as I flipped a couple of pages, the headache knocked on my temples. So I didn't read it, just saw the photographs, paparazzi and all, some of them were really interesting. There was a section called movie icons, I read 20 pages of it, ignoring the headaches, it was a great article by jitesh pillai. (jitesh pillai is filmfare's chief editor... ohh dude, you should be knowing that). But then again, after I finished reading, I was left with nothing. 

Ohh I am screwed, I thought. "Lets Socialize man, talk to your fellow passengers" I thought in a rush as if "Dimaag ki batti jal gayi" ho. I looked out of my drawn curtains and I realized soon that I have been victimized by luck today. I was allotted a side upper berth, so that makes me out of the "6/8 league". 6 by 8 league means the passenger who have their berths within the larger division of the compartment and have seats named like lower, middle and Upper berths, and the remaining 2 are known as side lower and side upper passengers, because as the name suggests, you have been sidelined for having no business at all with your fellow passengers, In either way YOU ARE SCREWED.


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