Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How the modern day poor understands Indian Politics...? [fiction]

Mr. Saxena, a 55 year old bank employee came out of his office during the tea break when he heard a couple of poor kids talking about “some” holiday.

Mr. Saxena will tell us the whole incident in his own words now.

“Today is 2nd October, and is a national holiday, and why is it a holiday, because some freedom fighter perhaps died or took birth on this day…”
Those were the words of a Chai-wallah, strange, isn’t it…? I took care of it, and shared an important piece of my knowledge, you see, wisdom needs to spread. Hehehe…
I asked him, “don’t you know the man in your 10 rupees note”
He was excited as he replied “that bald man was born today…?”
I replied affirmatively.
“Who else was born today”, he asked again.
I was about to furnish another piece of my knowledge with pride that Lal Bahadur Shastri was also born on some 2nd October, when he said “forget it, who cares”…
Those last words struck me…
I thought how an uneducated chai-wallah knows this ultimate truth of the 21st century… “WHO CARES”… who really cares who was born on this day or another. We only celebrate it as a non-working day.
I wanted to convince him that I care and many others too.
I called him again and said “I don’t know who cares or not, but you should, will you…?”
He smiled and said, “Is he going to give my family an extra meal today?”
I was numb at his strange question.

“No, he won’t”.

“Then I am surely going to remember his birthday from next year.”

“Why is that generosity, by the way?”

“Because I am fed up of the lies, our politicians speak to us, so for a change, I would like to give some respect to this honest bald man.”

“Nice perspective”

“I know”

And thus he left the place with a smile on his face. I still wonder why he was so happy for my description about Mahatma Gandhi. But somehow he felt convinced as if he actually spoke to Gandhi and was told the truth of what he can actually be showered with.

The Chai-wallah wanted the truth and nothing else. The poor wants the truth and nothing else, they don’t want promises. They want to face the truth, if only our Neta could give them the right fact about what they will be able to provide them, they would have planned their ways to get rid of poverty in a better manner. There is nothing wrong with poverty; the only thing which is wrong is the false promises to make them richer. 

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Versatile Bloggers.

[This blog post is primarily focused on the bloggers I truly admire for their work, kindly forgive me for providing any content you find unnecessary for the title of the post. This one is all about my admiration for some true artists.]

I can proudly call myself an official versatile blogger now. Reason: The Versatile Blogger Award given to me by one of my close writer friend Harshita Shrivastava. Thanks a lot Harshita.

 A few words about this wonderful friend of mine.

Harshita is a great writer, who pours her heart on paper, I have read almost all her blog posts on Relationship Vows, and I say every time "Man, that was so very true".  She also writes book reviews quite regularly on her other blog, Dream V/s Reality. Harshita once sent me her manuscript for reviews, which I have preserved in my favorite book rack, although I never replied to her about how I liked her work because I thought I am too ordinary to judge a 'class apart' substance. Harshita is going to be a published writer very soon with her debut novel "One in a million". I wish her all the best for the book and all her future endeavors.

Now there are certain rules/rituals with these awards, you must follow these if I pass it on to you.


1. Thank the person who has nominated you and shout out loud.
2. Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers.
3. State 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Post the award pic on your wall.

Thank the person who has nominated you and shout out loud.

Thank you so much Harshita... I have Great expectations  from your book. All the best.

Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers.

I pass this award to :

Chronic Writer from Chronicwriter. [I'd like to call him like that only, he is the best.]
Purba Ray from Amusings. [She is humorous, sensible and straight forward at the same time.]
Arvind Passey from Real Fiction. [He is like an idol, the most creative person, I have ever came across.]
Chintan Gupta from The Blunt Blog. [She is a genuinely serious lady, read her blog with a glass of whisky for better understanding].
Saru Singhal from Words. [never thought, I would be so much into poetry, only before I saw her blog.]
Anshuman Prasad from A JourneyCalled Life. [blogging is what I learnt from him, my real brother, hard-worker. true engineer.]
Surbhi Jain from Simplifyy. [a lesser known blogging name among others, still her blog has a string attached with me.]
Rickie Khosla from Who Cares What Ithink.[he insults like anything, I love his hatred for many things (saif-eena's post, for example), he is the 2nd most funny blogger after chronicwriter.]
Akanksha Dureja from Direct DilSe. [She believes she can change the world with blogging, I believe in her. Hats off to the revolutionary posts she writes.]
Harsh Snehanshu from Synergy. [Traveller, Writer, Inspirational. He inspires me the most, many a times, I want to live his life.]
Aalooran Rahman Bora from Quixote. [A Blogger with a great insight, taught me to write 55 fiction.]
Joshi Daniel from Joshi DanielPhotography. [My Favorite Photo Blogger, He is unbeatable, Truly the Best, I know of.]

I have met some of them in person, thanks to the Indiblogger Meets.

State seven random facts about yourself

1. I am a random Professional. I want to be something new [apart from being a writer] every fortnight or month.

2. I love maverick characters.

3. I wanna attain cult status with a literary masterpiece of mine.

4. Even though, I have always maintained that I don't wanna be an engineer and I have a writer's soul in me, there lies a fact that I am a very TECHNICAL person.

5. I love Computers, people cry their mouths out about global warming and other natural causes, I still feel Technology was always needed.

6. I don't sleep much, I like to keep my eyes open.

7. I am an already convinced person. Well that means, a salesman can easily fool me with those cheesy lines they were taught.

Post the award pic on your wall

Love you each and every reader of mine :)


-Amritt Rukhaiyaar


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