Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kyra and Me on the beautiful GOA Beach...!!

After Innumerable Plans and failures, my gang and I reached GOA, We were planning this trip since 2008 ever since I became a college guy, but as you know, there is always a black sheep in your family [friends here], unfortunately in my circle there are too many, who turns down all the plans like anything. But that was it; we reached GOA in mid June. The scorching heat was more alarming than the excitement of being in a GOA beach. 2 days passed and we had our share of fun in the hotel and other indoor Pubs, No one among us was even talking of going out in the sun, even if it comes with the exotic Sea beach. Finally I broke the silence and convinced some of them to come with me to the beach. After all, GOA is all about beaches and what else.
Once I reached there, I found that it was the hottest summer in the last 20 years; perhaps we have reached a time when the talks of Doomsday and Apocalypse seem logical.

But in this flesh burning heat, I saw the most beautiful and comforting face on earth lying there on the sands of the beach. It was a Girl, who seemed unaffected by this scorching heat, and was the only face who looked as if she loves this heat; I was amazed to see her. I wanted to talk to her, because nothing was really comforting me in GOA apart from her. So I went to her.
“I couldn’t stop myself to come to you”
“Are you actually enjoying this heat” I asked her.
“Anyways... I am Amritt, nice to meet you” I was piling on really.
“Do you want to know the secret” asked the mysterious girl.
“Yes... if there is any” I replied.
“Well, I am KYRA”
“People around here calls me the Sunshine Girl”
I totally agreed to the logic behind her nickname, she was truly a Sunshine Girl. I wanted her company as desperately as I wanted a chilly weather. Nothing attracted me more than her in the recent past. I asked if it’s okay for her to spend some time with me, the strange guy, who looks as ordinary as anything else on the planet. She agreed instantly and I loved her gesture towards me. She took me for a water sport and then to another, I hated the summer, but loving her company more than the heat. I never resisted. With time passed, even I believed there is definitely some secret, so I stuck with her and enjoyed hanging out with this beautiful girl, we went out for lunch that day and then the next day, and then the day after that. And when I finally asked her to stay Indoor one day, she asked me if I believe in Magic. I started laughing at her question...
She pulled something out of her little bag which she carried all the time; it was something that looked like a yellow lipstick, when I hold it in my hand, I read it out which said, LAKME SUN EXPERT.
“Is this your secret” I asked mischievously.
“Yes, it is”
I was amazed at the potentials of this little stick by LAKME, I thought of an idea in a flash.
The next day, I bought 100 sticks like that, and told many other girls to use it, and in a week, there was this GOA unaffected by heat, and there was more girls now with a charm like KYRA had. My friends looked happy now, and every guy looked more comforting than before. We decided to stay for another week and revolutionize this amazing LAKME product. And In the new week, there was not a single face that looked unhappy. Girls looked more beautiful and guys had the best date of their lives.
It was all happening and we just watched the world grow beautiful and untouched by Nature’s devilish Heat.
KYRA and I...

This post is written for a contest on INDIBLOGGER sponsored by LAKME.

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Friday, May 25, 2012

"Passion is Beyond Reality..."

Once upon a time, there was this boy who the world called Rukhaiyaar, despite of all failures he came of age and managed to be an engineering student, but the boy couldn't preserve it, the boy failed again, failed to score, failed to perform, failed to deliver, what was always inside him. Every time the boy failed, he wrote. He wrote of his pain, he wrote how he wants to do something productive out of this life god gave him. The boy kept failing and the boy kept writing, and then one day the boy did not fail and he tried to write about his joy, he wrote with sheer passion but found out that it was no better or worse than the ones written in pain, It was then when he realized he was never sad, he was always happy, the boy was living his version of joy because he was always writing, the boy learnt that its not what you earn or achieve, it's what comes from within. The boy was never a boy, he had become a man with intense meanings of life in his nerves ever since he failed for the first time. He talked to himself, ohh dear god, if pain or joy comes after failure, don't hesitate to fail me because this is the only way I don't feel like failing, writing is my joy, not success nor anything else. Success is so temporary, but Passion, Passion Never Dies, Passion Never Will, Passion Is Beyond Reality....

-Amrit Rukhaiyaar

Friday, May 18, 2012


INTERNET IS FUN... Well that’s what Vodafone is trying to convince us these days... I agree totally... but not only that... Internet became revolutions for some poor souls like me...

Let me take you back to the time when I had my first PC at home... It was 2002 I had an HCL desktop, a white one to be precise ... and it was the first time I handled a PC completely on my own... so Internet or not, I found it ecstatic sitting on a computer without zero interference by fellow classmates... a month or two passed and by then I have seen every file in my hard disk ‘naked’... [Files which are unnecessary for a novice, the ones in the “C: //Windows” folder] Now the real question arose in front of me... is this all I can do with this machine which cost my dad a whopping 55000 rupees, yes computers were no cheaper then.

I went to my coaching class and while returning home, my friend told let’s do some fun on yahoo... wow, yahoo sounded fun, I never heard this word before, I mean in context to the world of internet, I watched him do chatting with some friend of his through this so called “Yahoo” . I asked him to ‘get’ me an email id... and this stud made me a rediff mail id... my first id was amrit_21america@rediffmail .com [okay... I know it sounds funny]. I kept it written in my notebook and found nothing important to do with it. Later my elder siblings gave me one legitimate reason to use internet, they kept e-mailing me from Hyderabad, where they were residing and I used to reply them back, I found it quite handful to talk of lengthy issues. So the next few years Internet was only this much to me.

It occurred to me in 2006, when I left for New Delhi to live with my Di and Jiju... I became a part of Orkut and found it real past time; I ruined my studies for this SNS... I found everyone of my school and interacted with them all, and from that on, I found Internet a real need actually. I started using Emails and sent attached files with it, with time kept passing on, I kind of evolved myself as an Internet User, from attaching Pictures with Gmails, I switched to Picasa Photo Sharing, from just listening songs on Windows Media Player, I transformed into a full time iTunes user, Downloading flash games changed into getting full version games sizing in GBs.. movies on DVDs became re-watchable on Youtube and then I found this torrent thing some years back, which made me a Movie Library Owner on my hard disk, thanks to the Indian Downloading Rules and Regulations... Before Internet, Arguments on general knowledge were left unsolved with sticking on the “point of view” conclusion, but dude... Internet made me familiar with Wikipedia, where every argument had an answer, a fact only Wikipedia could provide so fast to make the other fellows go dumb struck. It all started with the God of Internet called Google... I wanted an info, I asked Google and he used to say, “hey dude, why don’t you ask Wiki, He knows it all and He knows it the best.”
I started depending on Internet like anything... and now... as of today, if I am awake, in one way or the other, I am connected to the net...

It sure is fun.... Perhaps the funniest thing on internet...
It rocks... 

Written in context of this Amazing Contest by VODAFONE


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