Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ragging: Govt Colleges vs Private Colleges

I was shifting from the School level to a collegiate one... my brother graduated from the most talked about college of this country and the college who owns the Star Performer of all the companies who hires engineer, that is Indian Institute of Technology, so disbelieving him was as stupid an idea as me myself.

In IITs, ragging is as hazardous as malaria, once you messed it, you will be in deep shit for a long long time, my brother narrated me a dozen stories about ragging in IIT and I used to have the fear of ragging since school.
Keeping that in mind, I played it very safe since my first day, and as a result of that, i became a dumb, speechless, tongue-tied, incoherent junior who only looked down due to fear of seniors, but I forgot that its no IIT, it is just a mediocre engineering college and your seniors are no star performers or entrance crackers, they are seniors only because they have born a year before than you did, 
I obeyed all the shittiest rule made by my seniors, only after watching the patterns for 6 months in this college, I find out that how exactly I should frame myself in this institutions, actually saying frame is inappropriate, in private college, one should be natural and fearless, seniors hardly have guts or authority to create problems for you neither they are going to help you with your degree. 

Our juniors learned it very earlier and the super juniors came with that natural and fearless essence.

we were the last Ragged batch of my college, I guess I believe.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Alchemist

Unlike Many starters, I dint go for a Chetan Bhagat book to start my novel reading. Instead my brother handed over to me this book called The Alchemist, and he gave me 10 days to finish it. I was in my IXth standard, and the funny thing about my reading of that book is that I read it twice and I could not understand the story of the book, well it was like I was not used to reading a story which carried more than 200 pages, I read it again and this time around, I was able to fetch the essence of the beautifully written book by Paulo Coelho, and the best thing of the book is its relativity, the story never went on to a different track and stayed on the parallel track that everything related with everyone and the projectile reached perfectly with the last paragraph of the book connected it with the first paragraph, where santiago sleeps in an abandoned church, and the guy in that last stanza tells about his dream which was about that abandoned church, thats the beauty of writing a novel.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The FACEBOOK movie...

Wait for "The Social Network"..... A movie based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg... now do you know who Mark Zuckerberg is... if not I tell you first, Mark Zuckerberg is the 26 year old man who is primarily responsible for the creation of FACEBOOK... A movie which already have released in USA and will release soon in India, is being rated 9.1 on IMDB [Internet Movie Data Base].

The Social Network was released on October 1, 2010, and stars Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg. After Zuckerberg was told about the film, he responded, "I just wished that nobody made a movie of me while I was still alive." Also, after the film's script was leaked on the Internet and it was apparent that the film would not portray Zuckerberg in a wholly positive light, he stated that he wanted to establish himself as a "good guy".

Waiting for its release in India.... 1st day 1st show I promise....

"Dont miss the tagline...."

"You do not get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies...."

Friday, September 3, 2010

Different Horizons

Now that, I have completed 2 of my engineering years, I have learnt a few things about it, the latest one is about “departments of the engineering degree”. My branch is a computer science, and I noticed that one cannot sit over the computer for a little longer than usual, but one can surely spend some more time with an automobile engine, so the thing is “the more interesting branch will be more irritating when we will be placed”, however CSE can be interesting and comforting, to be more precise, at college, but the one doing a civil engineering or a mechanical engineering, they will see the magnifying view of the core of their departments, for example working  on the latest technology of a future family car and the feeling of being part of it.

According to me, CSE is a boring department, not internet, but the  work we are gonna do in the future . It may be interesting on a course basis and exactly opposite is the case with mech, electronics and civil engg branches, they are vast departments, whole lot of syllabus and the books are inevitable but I guess its a fabulous time working with Volvo or ford or BMW,  5 days a week unlike the time one spends being a software engineer and working on the desk in front of a PC having access to the internet.

Electronics & Communications is one of the vastest branch in my university, and my friends from the EC branch says that they hate to study about the analog and digital circuits all the time, but what can be more interesting than working with Nokia to make a new technology cell phone. 

all the departments, can be equally interesting, some are good to study, the other are good to work with. Some people do like working on a desk than being inside mines or factories  and  that is their point of view and I should respect that.

*this was completely my personal take on the different departments… some of you will disagree, a few of you will agree too…

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Google thinks out again..

Yes, you guess it right, Google launches another great software which others cant even think of. The Latest one is GOOGLE SKETCH UP Before starting the brick work of a building, one should have a look at Google Sketch Up, at least those who believe in use of internet much more than Social Networking, This software helps you create a design, an identical graphical image of your desired building,

I wont say much, I will just put a few sketches I made on Google Sketch up, so that you understand well.

These are the sketches I made it myself, and when I was done, I was amazed and I concluded that It is no tough task, once you get used to with the tools it provided, it gives a 3D image of exactly what we want, and civil engineers around the world are using this software for the better illustration to their workmen.

Finally have a look at the video:
and befriend yourself with GOOGLE SKETCH UP

Friday, August 6, 2010

Adsense Tips

After Google disabled my ad sense account zillion times, I am ready to give the new bloggers a little tutorial on the topic which says:


1) First of all, Never Ever click on the ads yourself, either you are logged on or off, Google is always smarter than you.

2) Don't encourage others to click on your ads, let them take interest in your blog, notice what I am saying, let them take interest only in your blog, if they like your ads, they will click it.

3) Don't create any attractive links near your ad box.

4) Don't have un-ignorable color combination, that will distinguish your ads from the blog content, and one will get attracted to the ads.

5)the Blog post should be the major area of your Blog.

6)Don't put any title above your ad box such as "important links" or "new offers" etc.
7) The final one: The most important one... just earn because you have a nice and popular blog not that you blog only to earn.

GooGle will only pay iff you deserve... Nothing can help...

All is well for me now... after being rejected many times, I have learnt " that you cant blog to earn, rather earn because of your passion in blog".

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Charming Big B

"तीन बार आप सब लोगों से हिंदी में बात चीत करने के बाद , गलत बटन दबाने से सारा लिखा-जोखा मिट गया . अब हिम्मत हार चका हूँ क्यूंकि jet lag की वजह से अजीब अजीब समय पे नींद आ रही है और शरीर टूट रहा है . तो सोचा सोने से पहले आप सब से संपर्क कर लूं और फिर - निद्रा रूपेण संस्थितः !! नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः !!!!" : Amitabh Bachchan in his latest blog post, I wonder how a 65+ old man can still be so charming that whatever he writes connects with the junta's hearts... if Tendulkar is the God of Cricket, Amitabh is the god of Cinema...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Two Eyecandies...

Well.... Guess what...
We have one more member in our family now.... after my very cute DAKSH... who privileged me to be called a MAMU ... I am now a CHACHU too... and what more this time its a baby girl... I feel I am not that CHHOTU anymore in my family... Now there are two more to go if one starts from the eldest to the young ones... My brother named her AAHANA... Where DAKSH is a mixture of My BJ (big jiju) and my DIDZZ... I guess... AAHANA resembles more with my BHABHI and lesser with BHAI...


My dearest bhanja was born on the 15th day of jan this year... I couldn't meet him there as I was busy with my practical exams... even I couldn't attend the parties arranged exclusively for the champ... when we finally encountered, it was me who was the culprit as I carried chicken pox with me and given the reason I couldn't touch him even for a second... on my last day at home I took him in my arms for the first time... It was so beautiful, the feeling..(& that photograph too)..

This June when we met again, he was real angry with me and he took 7 days to adjust with his CHOTE MAMU... then finally he forgave me and started being with me...He even pissed me off thrice...quite literally... huh... but thats it, that is all so nice once someone is in your heart...


My little champ no. 2 is just 9 days old now... so I should not demand to her to recognize me so easily... She looks beautiful already and very cute... I am just waiting for the day I would take her in my arms... once my brother plans a trip to India...and then I'll come back again to my blog and put some photographs of AAHANA & I...and will tell you guys the special moments AAHANA and I spent together...


The most special day of my life in respect to my cutie pies will be when both of them would jump on me and beat me like hell and I will have to push very hard to save my ass from the two devils (Angels.... I really mean)...

Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Thursday, June 24, 2010


My Favorite Jerseys.....

Nothing to write this time around... just wanted to show you all the latest facebook app. where you can create your jersey of your favorite soccer team....

thats FRANCE my favorite team...

well, I thought its a great opportunity to make a collection of t-shirts so I went for BRAZIL too in the next pic.

planing to get the ARGENTINA and the ENGLAND jersey too very soon...


Friday, June 4, 2010

The Un-usuality of my Character...

Well, It started like this... I never ever cried while going to school since my KG classes... I started partying at only 5 or 6 with a friend who lived nearby... I studied in a school where the principal disagreed on taking any tuition fees for my education until class 7th... I chose sections according to my personal needs, the needs had ranges from liberal teachers to proper locality of the class although most of the time I opted for a 'B' section as there were less competitive guys and I myself is the least competitive man I have ever met in my life... I believe only & only in improving my personal best every time I appear in a test...once in my 4th standard I noticed my class teacher did my attendance with a pencil while others were done in ink, I felt sad then...but now I realize thats the difference between the common and the different... but the true fact is that I never been different in a positive sense...

Today I guess I am going to be an Engineer in some years ,but still I am not very loyal to my degree, everyday I aspire to do something heroic, a larger than life stuff... sometimes I wanna join the Indian army, the other day I want to become bollywood superstar or sometimes a more powerful someone... All I want is to follow my heart... I am no brainy... I should be one but I am not...

I am no perfect..... not even closer to that..... but I remain happy... because I am different.... I am not that.....
............... AS USUAL BEING...............

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians

Yesterday was one of my favorite IPL matches because I dont have to show affinity to either of the teams, it was a clash between SRK and Sachin and I am a huge fan of both, and I was hoping for an interesting match only, but it was an easy take for SACHIN, he played brilliantly for his team and led to the victory, Tendulkar is at his best at the present time, the only thing he knows is to bat better than his previous inning, and it wont be surprising if he goes to play 2 more world cups. No doubt he is the god of the game. As for GANGULY I feel like he is a worm in the KKR team, he opens the innings and fails to even stroke the ball correctly and the team comes up in pressure and later he is found behaving harsh to much talented players than him, Ganguly fields miserably and sets no example of great leadership which once he used to show either with the bat or ball but that is past now. Athough I used to be a great Ganguly fan once upon a time but as for now I think he just needs to pack up with sports. SHAHRUKH looks upset not only for the loss but for Ganguly who is just not co-operating with the team, despite I support both the teams but I would have been happier had it been a KKR's win.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

KOLKATA Knight Riders : My Favorite IPL team...

HI... Well, this story goes about my favorite IPL team... thats the Knight Riders... [only because I am an out & out SRK fan] In 2008... when the IPL started its 1st edition, people made lots of hype over the Knight Riders team, they said SRK has the Midas Touch, Riders are already champions and more, and the KKR even lived upto these hypes & expectations in their 1st ever IPL match with Mccullum scoring a 158... but later all these bullshit preoccupied my team to perform well and they failed incompetently... I hated the disappointed SRK face... King Khan became a loser, because of his team, only for the first time.

IPL 2: The IPL venue immigrated from India to RSA... The Dada and his boys performed miserably, even SRK refused to come to SA. I felt like a loser too with every loss of the Knight Riders, because I betted too for my favorite team.

IPL 3: well the latest IPL have started and with sheer patience, I am supporting my team again... hope everything goes right... KKR have won 2 matches already... I am happy..

My Name Is AMRITT and I am with KHAN...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just not able

Hello Bloggers and my readers... its been a long time since I posted a thing on my blog... God my blog has a dark future... well I promise to come back soon with lots of stuff... so wait and watch...

I will be back soon... have a lot of things to share with my best friends....thats YOU... and moreover I am reading a lot these days... of course the Novel thing... which am a real crazy for... I will narrate some characters tooo... so wait a day or two... I just come back... take care... happy blogging...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are you Aarami...?

Hey... How are you doing...and doing what...and why...?? Just stay back and Relax.... coz AB baby is coming with a new reality show... Just log on to it on the WEB and see whats your AARAMI Level... Jara dekhe kitne nikamme hain hum. To become a fan on FaceBook:Click the following link........ BINGO: are you aarami...?

Watch official videos HERE

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

India-Srilanka Bilateral Series (Highlights)

1st ODI: Another run riot after the historical wanderers ODI between aussies and the proteas where ponting's 164 went in vain because of amazing batting display by Herschelle Gibbs. Similarly despite of T Dilshan's 160, SL didn't managed to post a win at Rajkot trailing by 3 runs to India's 414. Sehwag made a decent 140 some thing to lead India to the 400 mark. Tendulkar and Dhoni contributed with 69 and 82 respectively.

2nd ODI: SL came back in the series by defeating India in the 2nd ODI. Dilshan in top form, smashed another blasting century. Dhoni is banned for 2 ODIs for a slow over rate offense.

3rd ODI: Dilshan being too ambitious, tried to put a 500 something on the board but failed and the team collapased from 175 for 2 to 239 all out with 9 overs spared. India chased in style with Tendulkar made a handsome 96. Hats off to R Jadeja who bagged up 4 wkts before.

4th ODI: Srilanka put a heavy 315 in style with Tharanga scoring another 50 plus score of the series, this time a century indeed. India lost Sehwag and Tendulkar with just 23 on the board, then came Kohli and Gambhir, and the Delhi duo partnered each other for a huge 224 run stand. With 247 on the board and almost completing the job, kohli departed on 107, his career best, Gambhir went on to play further and hitting the winning shot, he completed his 150 that too unbeaten.

5th ODI: Zaheer strikes with the first ball castling Tharanga's bails, with just 63 on the board and Srilanka were 5 down, the match referee and other authorities decided to abandon the match due to unfit playing conditions, Earlier Jayasuriya, Dilshan and Pushpakkumara were provided blows from the Indian bowlers. Bad luck for Dhoni, no cricket since 10 days.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My new handset

Guys,Guess what, I am having a new handset...yeppie!!!, I have upgraded to LG KU970 from Nokia N72. Many of you may think the other way. Of course it doesn't have the Multi-Tasking facility, a very important feature indeed, but it has a Dual camera functionality and a better phone in case you need a sound master. It lacks the effortless browsing which N72 provides but it looks much lighter than N72, very sleek indeed, with shining Metallic finish. So the final verdict is N72=KU970, its a tie.

One more thing to mention, its a gift from my bhabhi... Thanks Bhabhi...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aamir: Fair enough

At around 6 PM today, I came across a pretty decent idea that the celebrity who does the nicest thing in the week will win a SLIDESHOW on my blog, that will help my blog relate with the Current Affairs too...

Have you seen how Aamir khan is promoting his upcoming "3 idiots", by directly sneaking into places [faridkot, mughalsarai] where he never been to by changing his look to a more ordinary one. Well, whatever the media relate it with, I would say Aamir is into a very noble cause, he's letting the poor meet him, talk with him, make fun with him without any hesitation called "celebrity presence" which could never have been possible had not Aamir heed his identity, The media would have occupied him for lots of non-sense if things were done the other way.
Again in another case, if Aamir stayed at a hotel in mughalsarai with the name called Akram Shah, it really wasn't unfair at all. The media will never let Aamir do the same if he comes up with his own identity.

Like always, its another instance, when Aamir made a difference.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My cup of tea

When I was an eight year old... One of my teachers gave me a piece of his knowledge...I was taught that all of us have a skill... A skill that no one else in your community can do the same with so much perfection or so effortlessly... A skill that no else can match... A skill that you can say "Its mine"... I am the BEST at it... That was the day I started to find "my perfect skill"... Days passed, months passed, but I couldn't realized my skill... I tried Karate, Cycling, Cricket, Singing but I was never like the perfect one in any of them... Then the 1st terminals of the 4th standard came... I forgot the skill thing and concentrated on studies... On the day we had our Maths paper... The Invigilator did a mistake and gave me only one sheet of the question paper... Which was supposed to be two... My question carried only 72 marks and as it was obvious, I was the first one to finish the paper. After one whole day I realized that I wasn't provided the remaining 28 marks... For that, I appealed to Mukherjee Sir to let me solve the remaining problems... He agreed and told me to give the examination at the Examination Section only & gave me only 10 minutes for those 28 marks (all of them were big calculations)... When the results came, I was amazed to see myself scoring a hundred as those 10 minutes were not much... I gave a thought to it, "Is calculations my perfect skill", and I answered myself "yes, it is"... At that little age I could tell the product of 765 and 329 in 10-15 seconds... and I can still do that adding another 10 seconds to it...

Now I can say.... CALCULATIONS: That Was It...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My schooling: Continued

My School which used to run in a rented place, now had its own building at a new location called Bulaki Road. Our Principal Mr. P.Hazra, with the help of his few contacts received this new building as a gift from Mrs. Malti Saha and his son Mr. Jyoti Saha, a leading industrialist who has some link to giridih, thus leading to the change of name of our school, now called Badri Narayan Saha DAV Public School, I was in Class 1, when I first attended my classes at the new building. Our trustees The SAHAs used to come to our school every now and then for different functions and on other important dates and because of that, a feeling grew inside me that I am getting the best possible schooling in town and that made me proud, really proud.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My schooling: The first few days

The very first thing I can remember about my life is myself getting into the main entrance of DAV Public School to give interview for my admissions in the LKG Class. It was March of year 1992, I was wearing a Blue High-Neck Jersey [I still remember it because I loved that]. Monica Ma'am took my interview and it was well-accomplished as I got the admission. The very first day at school, life introduced me to FRIENDSHIP in the form of Amit...we were classmates, benchmates, then friends and very soon Buddies.

When I went to UKG, my colony friend Abhinav with whom I used to spend 15-16 hours a day, joined me in school as well, and there formed the Trio of us...Amrit, Amit & Abhinav...At that time, I was not even 6. Life gave me 2 of my best friends at some age when one doesnt even understand what Friendship is all about so did I. My school was located just in front of my home so I never had that so called feeling "Home Sickness."

-Amrit Rukhaiyaar

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Hey... Good Evening....
I wish all my readers and followers a very happy and prosperous new year. Hope I find lots of interesting stories of my life to share with you all.

Once again Happy new year 2010 to all the BLOGGERS...



Amritt Rukhaiyaar


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