Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kick Ass: Hit girl steals the show.

Listening to the original soundtrack of “for a few dollars more” and it is giving me immense passion to write, wow every chord every string used in this particular track gives a jolt of ecstasy in my blood streams. By the way, this track has been re-used in Nicolas Cage starring Kick-Ass and is used as theme music for the Hit Girl. Oh god, this track and this character hit girl have become my latest love, I could watch her fight all day while listening to this track in the background, I think I am running out of words here to explain how beautiful this track is and how beautifully it has been put to use for the Hit Girl in Kick Ass.

Here is the video to the tremendous scene with the tremendous sound track:

So what do you think, isn’t she enigmatic? At first this little girl reminded me of Alice, the “Resident Evil” Alice. But then I realized, she is way too quick and flexible than Alice was and of course she is stunningly beautiful, she is also one of the lead characters in Martin Scorcese’s Hugo. Some Actors lands in Hollywood to play the lead character only, she reminds me of Superstars Natalie Portman and Leonardo Dicaprio, remember them as kids, in films like “Leon the professional” and “What’s eating Gilbert Grape” and “This boy’s life” respectively.

She is truly going be Hollywood’s next sweetheart in the years to come; she is definitely someone to look out for. She will hit it very soon.

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Vampire Diaries: Reviews

Don't get mislead by comparing it with the Stephenie meyer's Twilight Saga, Twilight was a complete mess of characters drenched up with overacting and confusing links, whereas VD is a  perfect mixture of romance, thriller and drama added accordingly with some flamboyant characters and historical measures.

Elena, a 17 year old chick, with no parents alive is as sensible as his brother is not, she gets attracted by the charm of the vampire Stefan Salvatore who is actually some 160 years old, their romance was just starting to groom when enters the hottest character of the show "Damon" and the show becomes a sudden hit with great acting by humans, vampires, werewolves and witches. Vampire Diaries has got gizmos as well, and that too really fascinating ones, that you will actually start to believe that there were vampires for real. 

Every character is as important as the other. Every person I meet has their own protagonist according to them. You will develop more love for this show once the hybrids comes up.

This one is a must watch for every Drama Addict.

My rating: 8 out of 10

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Two Kinds of People

I believe there are more kinds of people than the number of colors or their shades present, but there are only two kinds of people I really admire. 

The Punctually Focused ones: They are like your corporate bosses, never late, hair combed strongly, shirt well tucked in, shoe polished. They don't know this thing called being late, everything they do; they do well ahead of time. They get good grades in school, then get a good engineering college [or medical, nothing else] they don't waste too much time thinking what career they should choose. They agree to the masses, if this is the boom right now, they will go for it. Then they get a good job in some MNC, work in there; get regular promotions and ends up retiring there only. They close all the doors that can lead them to "think out of the box". So, despite of having an average IQ level, these people achieve everything the society demands out of a citizen. They have many small targets which they achieve one after another.  They become the perfect spouse too, buying their wives happiness. The Best Part is: They have one single agenda, Hard Work. They believe: “if you want this, you must work hard”. 

And the other kind I admire:

The Passionately Focused ones: They have a purpose, they have one passion or a set of passion, thinking of which they spend all their day. They don’t wake for days and they don’t sleep for days too. They are estranged from family, because when they listened to their family they could not come up with the kind of art they had produced living alone with austerity. They don’t try to please the society, actually it works only this way; they are better artist because they only please themselves. They are brave, if they don’t like your company, they will throw you out of your house and if they like it, they will die for you. Their friends try to suggest them that how they should live according to the society but they listen to their heart only. They know, they don’t belong to the society, so they happily leaves their family, they don’t run after getting married or having kids. The Best Part is: Whatever they do, they do with passion, and they spend all their life to find one answer or may be a couple of them. In short, their life are wasted till the most part of it, when one day they achieve their one and only target, like a painting idea struck with an unusual finish to it, or a literary twist comes up in mind after some 10 years. They are mavericks. They are understood by other mavericks only. They believe: “I am born for this, let’s not waste time doing that”.

And then there is the third kind, the people of the 21st century, it’s sad but we can’t be like the 2nd kind I mentioned. However passionate we tell ourselves; you have to admit, at some point even your soul mate finds you crazy and then you start behaving maturely to please your better half and in this way you can never be a passionately focused soul. Almost every day we have to ignore our passion for some other responsibility of our family or our career or kids or anyone else. Even a passionate movie maker in India is bound to use the F*** word many a times, what if one of his scenes demands such obscenity and abusiveness, why can’t he use it. As a result, his passionate abusing scene has been taken to toll by the society.  

But there is always the first kind you can be.

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And what happened after my counselling

I told you how my "preparation began to being an engineer", but did I mention to you what happened after that, so here I am after some 10 months to conclude  the next episode of my endeavors in Indore, since the 1st one have been read and liked like a bestseller book or a blockbuster movie, I still have no idea...why it attained such a cult status among my other blog posts, it was an ordinary post, but perhaps SEO played an important role to make this ordinary post a legendary one.

What happened straight away was the first college day, which I wrote in great detail in this post, and described how I met my best friend Khalid Khan on that particular day and how our frequencies matched perfectly.

Here is what happened next:


On the way back home, I went to my bus to reserve a seat to make myself seated, I realized in the bus only that there was no rule existed that could win a seat to the juniors except for pleading to the seniors, and the most terrible thing of the day was that there were only two of us as juniors, the other one was Jayesh, the rest of all were seniors, and guess what, it was bus no. 3, the most ragging struck and controversial bus of the college, I gave infinite intros, sang like a radio and danced like some robot, Jayesh and I were sort of enjoying these ragging sessions.

Here is a picture of mine, when I was in the first years:

L to R: Shaleen, I, Anshul and Vijay. Photographed by Gautam Gupta

Monday, June 11, 2012

Such A Great Thought

This post could have been a FB status update as well... because its gonna be real short... but I thought this one is important and special and that's why it is surely going to my blog...

I was watching the footage of Stay free Indi Blogger Meet for women, from Mumbai. Thanks to the IB team, they have added another feather in the cap by providing live footage of some meets to those who couldn't come.

Prasoon Joshi was the chief guest there, we all know he is a great poet and lyricist, some credits to his name are songs from Taare Zameen Par, Fanaa, Rang de Basanti, Hum Tum, Delhi-6 and many more.

As he told the bloggers, a trivia about some song of his: 

Once AR Rahman went to him and asked him to write a song for Delhi-6, which starts like Maula, Maula Maula Mere Maula... and he sang only this part and told him to write further, and he couldn't write a single line for an entire year, and one day he thought of an old woman from his hometown who used to come to the dargaah, with so many cracks on her forehead and  thus he gave a thought, what was it, she wanted the almighty [allah] to do for her, and he thought perhaps she wants god to remove her cracks from her head and her life... and thus he wrote those lines which said: 

 "Dararein Dararein Maathe Pe Maula, Maramat Mukaddar Ki Kar Do Maula, Mere Maula...." 

wow.. this was one great tale I heard in a long time, I am loving this song more than ever now after hearing this little trivia by Prasoon Joshi...!!

Such a great thought...!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The "Thud" Effect at the water park.

The Day before yesterday, I went to this water park called The Mayank Blue Water Park with Akshay, Anshul, Khalid and Thakur. On this kind of summer, it was the best place to spend an afternoon. We reached there at some 4 pm, we were already too late because water parks in Indore are not operational after 7 pm.

First up, we went to the beginner's pool, which ranges from 0 to 7 feet, and being a non-swimmer the four of us except anshul, kept ourselves pretty much up to 5 feet of depth only, but it was fun diving into the water with adding another 3-4 feet to it. Life seems so light inside water. I never wanted to get out of it, it was awesome being inside the water.With your head in or out, either way, it keeps you happy.

After some 30 minutes of "toddler swimming sessions" we went to something manly, the slides, Khalid and I, the two of us was in jeans, so they didn't allow us to go in to the slides, shorts were a compulsion. 'The desperate me' went to the counter and bought a pair of shorts, for both of us, and happily climbed to the top of the slide. There were 2 slides, the red one and the yellow one, god knows why i choose to slide through the red one.


     image courtesy: images.morris.com /google.com

I sat on the top and pushed myself to start sliding, just a couple of seconds and I realized I was not in a good position, I at least knew that the sensation of smashing into the water would be a little uncomfortable but it won't hurt, it took me some 12-15 seconds to reach the ground level of the slide.

I smashed into water quite comfortably and was collecting myself together when something hits me in my left ear "THUD". It actually sounded like that. IDENTICALLY. I was hurt bad and I went out of my senses for the next 50 seconds. And then another two minutes, I couldn't hear, I couldn't understand things. And then when I gathered myself again, I could feel vibrations all around my head, Sounds became less audible but clear, I could listen to distant things if spoken clearly.. huh.. what the hell.. am I a facilitated kind of deaf... I felt pain all day long and in the night too, but now its almost 48 hours since the infamous THUD sound. I have almost been like before.. but still the vibrations are there, at a lesser extent perhaps. The funny thing is I stillhave no idea what actually hit me, some prankster's slap or a kick by the one sliding behind me.!!!

-Amritt Rukhaiyaar


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