Monday, October 31, 2011

My Novel's First Chapter: need reviews

Since birth, there had been a famous saying about me, “he is different,”

May be it meant “I don’t care”.

Some said I was extraordinarily different, I also believed the same,

Understand how..!!

I used to stammer at everything that came out of my mouth, I just couldn’t speak fluently which was the first evidential note on being different.

I never ever cared to do my home work given by my teachers, while others did those thrice in one go.

I was careless or carefree or ignorant to important things in life, everyone else in the universe around me seemed to be so punctual.
 I had the privilege of being rich among kids, when with kids rich only means to having a handsome pocket money; perhaps it was one of the sections I liked the most on debate of being different.

 I was a facilitated child, born with silver spoon which made an earlier conclusion that I was a spoiled kid, the rest of the kids during my childhood were reasonably ‘good to parents’ child.

Basically I am an awful version of a good character. The Simpler term would obviously be an anti-social facet.

I am a protagonist in an acute form of Antagonism, and that’s what I am.

My name is Aditya Ahuja and that wild introduction was mine, but I tell you what, a bad review doesn’t mean a bad film, it is only a point of view, and everyone has their own POV. Although by default I should have inherited the family business of Textiles and join the legacy of millionaires in Indore, I chose engineering, not because there lays an engineer inside me but because I wanted to try my hands at something which was not established by my family because I have this obsession of making my own silver spoon.

There are two things in my life that would have no influence of anything while making the selection, the Career I choose and the Girl I fall in love with.

Talking about Engineering, I took admission in a college called Delhi College of Engineering in Delhi, because I always have loved Delhi, Delhi is old, beautiful and glamorous, but above all, I love it because of its Dilli-ness, I have fallen for its localness and secularism for everyone, I mean the Telugus rules Andhra, Tamilians rides on Tamil Nadu, Bengali and Marathi has rights to do about anything in West Bengal and Maharashtra respectively, but Delhi, Delhi is yours, establish yourself and be a king and rule with many others like you peacefully, this city is only for the successful and not for the people who took birth in this soil. In one sentence, Delhi is so India. I love it here. While choosing to fill the engineering entrance exam forms, I took extra care that my college city must be Delhi.

So, it was the day my DCE results were to come; I went to a cyber cafe nearby because Homes can be too dangerous while checking your academic performances with your elder family mates being around you.

As I entered the enrollment number, there was deep silence in my PC cabin. It took 4 seconds to open the result.

There was not much detail provided in the result web page, it took me 2 seconds to eye a bold written THROUGH, which means selected.

“Oh yes… Oh yes yes yes… hurray…” I cried in excitement.
Everyone else gave me furious looks for being so noisy in that cozy room.

Of course they would, who cares where I am going to spend my next four years.

Anyways, I left the café ignoring all the geeks.

So what do you say guys... does it look promising.. plzz give honest comments, I am almost done with my book..!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who ultimately turns out to be a HERO..?

Since birth, a fascinating thing in my life is being a HERO, not particularly a superstar in Bollywood or in any other film industry, but being the stud, being the one who would have the helping hands, if we talk in an affirmative way. As I grew older, my definition for a HERO kept changing through time. During the first half of the  90's I only believed that HERO is actually a leading bicycle brand in India but later on during the second half  I found out that its the men who get opportunities to save beautiful women from the goons and have great time dancing in rain with them are the real HEROES, that was how I messed up with important words during my chilhood. During the first 5 years of the 3rd millennium when I was in the interval of 12-16 years of my age, I started watching a bit of news channels and I came across the names of leading industrialist, politicians, millionaires, philanthropists and Movie stars with asking rates in some Crore(s) per movie, my concept for a HERO took a completely different shape, I considered this theory with the formula RICHER = BETTER HERO, that was too kiddish..ain't it..? then after 2006, I came across books, books as in novels, stories, biographies etc which showed me the more artistic form of printed paper, before that the most serious thing I ever read ended either on calculus, mechanics or organic chemistry. Anyways I started reading novels and other great books by great people and I never stopped, I found HEROES in those authors who made me fall in love with their books, I aimed to be like them, or rather say I aimed to be them, one of them. I found wisdom in their thoughts and I wanted to think like my favorite authors, their clarity, I wanted to have that clarity, I read more, I started writing, writing for me, writing for others, writing to impress, writing to insult, writing to romance, writing to revolutionize, writing became an obssession for me and I saw myself become a better writer with every new project. And now the little secret I wanna share with whatever readers I have, I BECAME MY HERO, before anyone else, I admire me. Because in a way my writing started to impress me as I tried to write always better than my previous attempt and you can only be a better doer, if the ultimate source of doing id you, yourself and the conclusion I made out of it, its not what you are, how much you earn or how well you present yourself, you can only consider someone a Hero, if 'his' acts become 'your' passion. 

(No matter what, even an antagonist can become your life's biggest Hero... 
and yes... its not my egomaniac personality...I have my heroes intact in my mind, but I don't wanna share them now, I will write separate post for them later...)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Google Earth Timeline: Its the Best..!!

It happened a week ago.. I was sitting idle and bored. So I decided to waste my time on Google Earth, the first place that came to my mind was to see how the "lost" World Trade Center spot looked at Manhattan, it was interesting to see how Americans have used that place rather than trying to build it all over again, I admired that. Now that I was done with checking on the WTC, I curiously started pressing random buttons on the top of Google Earth interface, just then, I came across this option called TIMELINE, as I found out more about that, I was more than amazed to find out that you can actually see the satellite images of any place of any past dates available on the timeline, I watched the New York of 1930s to the ashes of WTC in 2011, in the meanwhile watching the 9/11 Terror-ed images as well... I should rather post the pictures for you guys, its amazingly awesome.

1. The picture of World Trade Center in 1994, it was only dollars and pound then.

2. The WTC in 1997, still doing pretty good business round the globe.

3. Satellite images of September 2001 of The World Trade Center, it is no more on the screen, we can see the smoke that tells the whole story.

4. as in 2005...the post 9/11 image of the spot without the trade center.

5.  The World trade Center Spot as in 2011, made up as a some kind of memorial.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

That's my Month

Hopelessly excited for entering October, a particular month of the year to which I can relate myself, there are reasons of course, first of all, its a set of Birthdays in my family in October only. while Di has her birthday on the 10th, Papa and I share our birthday on 11th of this month, so you can see there is 3 birthdays in 2 days, then again its an important month in case you really await Hindu festivals, you can expect Durga Puja and Deepawali both fall on the same month. Its a beautiful span to spend quality time with friends and family. Now that was all the personal favorites.

you know what, October month have the best temperature to play outdoor games.  and there remains no sign of any kind of rain nor there starts winter.

I love October... I just love it..


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