Monday, December 12, 2011

The Indi Blogger Meet: A lifetime Experience

   Yesterday, It was a Sunday of course, but mind you it was not an ordinary one. I have been postponing my plans to attend a INDI BLOGGER MEET since last 3 months but finally I attended this one held at The Park Hotel, Connaught place and I realized instantly what an amazing event I had been missing since months as soon as I entered the Auditorium.

I took a seat in one of the middle rows, when a blogger on radio activity introduced himself to me as Alokesh Gupta and took a seat beside me, I had some interesting chats with him on blogging and writing. Then came a blogger called Purba Ray who made everyone at ease by knowing a bit about their blogs.

It was all chit-chat going on when the 1st segment of the meet took place. The Country Head of HP himself gave a presentation on "Original vs Fake". It was primarily focused on the new range of HP Printers, but the presentation gave a contrast on original blog post written. Good work there by Team HP.

Segment 2 : The Who's Who Round..? Our names were being outcast on the projection and we needed to define our blog and us as well in 29 seconds as the segment it self is called "29 seconds to fame".  I witnessed some great [or say interesting] bloggers out there, I would like to recall a few: there was this Karan Lugani who called himself a scientist, he goes to some school but I respect his way, he surely had a point in whatever he said.

An Old man in his late 60s was there, he told us that he has been a classmate to Amitabh Bachchan, so in a way I have an association with Mr. Big B now... lolzz.

there were some sensible ones as well, a girl called Jyotsna Verma talked about transplant of kidney and liver and people did like her unanimously and took her pretty seriously. In case you need to know more about her endeavours just Click Here.

so, from engineers to home makers to scientists to some wanna be Rushdie(s) I saw and heard everyone. 

after the Intro session was done, we were to make teams 0f 20 for a treasure hunt game, we lost it, because we fall short of smart phones. fair enough. thats you cal count as segment 3.

we had a little bit of lunch and coffee afterwards, during the lunch I interacted with more wonderful bloggers, Perfectly Imperfect and Tejaswi, they were all so inspirational, well...the food was good though.

the 2nd last segment was the best, we carried a 'board of praise' on our back, and others, if they like to, can autograph the board with some message, messages could be anything, a praise or an abuse or anything particular you want to say, I got a few interesting ones as well. [see the picture on the right..!!].

We had a fun last segment, thanks to some great names : Kapil Sibbal, Digvijay Singh, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and others including Suhel Seth, the bloggers did role play for each one of the mentioned name, being inteviewed by Prateek Shah, who himself was role playing for Rajdeep Dutt Goswami.

After I have returned from my first IndiBlogger Meet, I have become blog-struck and reading as many blogs as possible, I have bookmarked some 20 blogs and its like birthday gifts for me, as I am not sure which one to open first.!!!

was a great experience, am not going to miss any of it in future...


-Amritt Rukhaiyaar

[Plzz.. go through the links... they are all great bloggers...]

That is me in the grey jacket..!!

and that's the whole team, find me if you can, I am at the worst location in this picture.


  1. I envy you and everyone there, i missed the meet at chennai, what loser i am ? dying to attend next meet :) i love indi :)

    1. now that I have crossed all the limits of being lazy, I think you must have attended some blogger meet in the 3 years I took to reply on this

  2. I so wanted to be there to be a part of the meet. Thanks for sharing the memories with us.

    1. you should come to India Saru once especially for a Blogger Meet, We so wanna meet you... btw this post is so weirdly written, I have really developed as a writer and there is always more scope

  3. @indu: thanks ma'am...
    @deepak: I have been a loser too, not attending last 4 meets, only this time I realized what an amzing event it turns out to be...!! must attend the next one... will meet then...!!

    @saru: as we talked earlier on twitter, you must come on the next indi meet, I really want to meet great writers like you..

    thanks all for liking the post..!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. :)

    Interesting blog u have! :)

    Hope u have enjoyed in the month of October.
    Happy B'day! In advance or belated; whatever u choose? :))

    1. oh thanks a lot for liking my blog, do read it on regular basis, you will find many more interesting posts may be..


  5. Caught up...it was a great refreshing meet. And I'll prove my point soon :D . Hope to meet soon .

    1. Oh I am really impressed by the kind of passion you show on your blog for technology, I gotta learn a lot from you, no matter whatever your age is, you are truly a champ. Cheers.. keep up your good work bro..



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