Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love marriage or Arrange marriage? Does it really matter?

The following post is written as a part of a contest by Indi blogger in association with Sony Entertainment Television’s new TV Soap “Love marriage ya arrange marriage”.

Marriage, what is it? Technically it is a ceremony in every religion where a man and a woman commits unanimously to be together and promises to be loyal in the relationship, taking something like an oath to  responsibly take care of their spouse until death. But is this oath makes any difference when taken in a love marriage or when taken in an arrange marriage… huh… I don’t think so… promises are promises that can be broken any day, it does not need you to be a part of a particular kind of wedding. I have seen some failed love marriages, and at the same time, many beautiful marriages which never failed, only because it was not an arranged one. Even with arrange marriages, some people can never strike the cupid, hopeless people they are, some believes love should only be displayed secretly and alone, thus they fail to present the public display of affection to let their partners know that whatever the society thinks of it, my love for you is more important than anything in the world. There is a beautiful event that can only happen in an arranged form of marriage, that’s knowing and exploring the life of your spouse while living with him or her, that privilege is not possible in a love marriage in most of the cases because you got to know almost everything about your mate long before you tie the knot. Some time I believe that arrange marriage is unethical in a way. Imagine sharing bed with someone who you know for only a month or two, how can you trust a guy or gal about his/her past if they might have shared everything about their bad past relationships. In such a little time, can you actually believe that they have changed as a human being…? Sometimes I doubt that, I really do. But at the same time, I have a solution for it for those who is against love marriage, you should keep the relationship for at least a year or may be a further 6 months to know your partner as a person and also to clear your doubts and make sure if he/she is really a faithful person in relationship. Love marriage has also its flaws like the lack of hesitation and formalities between the partners which sometimes leads the relationship to too much of demands personally or financially. Also in a love marriage there is a maximum probability of comparison between your pre and post marriage life that is very natural but your partner may not understand this natural change. Love marriages also have an advantage, your partner knows your weaknesses and strengths from the very starting of your married life and things become easier to accomplish. Whatever the form of marriage one does for himself, Love is above these classifications of marriage. It depends from person to person how he makes it beautiful either by loving the arrangement done by elders or by arranging a love relationship for a lifetime where marriage will only be another milestone.

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-Amritt Rukhaiyaar


  1. Congrats on the win and a cool badge!

    1. Yes Saru, I find the badge is more rewarding than the Kindle itself...!! It gives immense passion...!!

      Happy blogging and congrats to you too...!!

  2. Hi amit,
    i ve been dating this great guy for the last 3 months, and we hit off like nobodys business, he liked me and i kind of fell for him, we had great understanding and out core beliefs matched too. his parents met they liked me and so he decided to come down to meet me from US and arrange things. but just before flying he asked me a very personal question that if i was a virgin or not.. I have been in one serious relationship before and i told him that. He had already told me that he was in a realtionship too. I automatically assumed that he must have some intimacy with her..but he had not . I found it a bit uncomfortable as to why he was so worried about the past when we r talking about our future. So he came down we met he blocked his insecurites in his mind about me and we had a great time together. wehn i left he started to think about my past again and starting connecting dots to make only a character sketch of me..which was so not true. Im veyr hurt. he knows that hes doing wrong and that he cannot get over my past at all, he needs time but does not know how much. we were such a great pair and he just blew it up. Im not able to get over him and i dun find the same connection with other men. I really wanted this to work n so did he. HI am hoping he can get over it and come back but somewhere he says now he doesn fully respect me, although all ive been is honest with him. and this is wot i get. i m very lost and heart broken

  3. Trust me girl, this man is a male chauvinist and you certainly don't deserve him, I know you are alone but try to look at the brighter side that you got rid of a moron. Just be yourself and find someone worth. And Next time, make sure these stupid details doesn't matter for him.

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